Susan's Manifesto

I give myself permission to be vulnerable enough to let you know what I stand for. 

I believe everyone should be able to make their own choices.

I will let myself be happy, joyous and free.

I refuse to feel guilty because I don't measure up to someone else's expectation. 

I believe everyone should try yoga and see if you love it like I do.

I will listen to everyone's point of view but listen to mine more.

I will always look for the silver lining even if it requires making a mistake first.

I will know my worth and appreciate what I have to offer and be proud of myself.

I will not downplay my good qualities just so someone else can feel better about themselves.

I will say NO more often to things that don't fuel my tank or feed my soul.

I will always give myself a 2nd try... and a 3rd and 4th.

I believe you should always use the expensive perfume and wear the saucy panties for yourself - no one else.

I believe everyone has a story to tell.

I want to live in a world where meditation is taught in every school.

I believe one thank you note can change the course of your life.

I believe life is filled with simple pleasures and small indulgences every single day.

I believe being is more important than doing.

I believe I AM ENOUGH even on my worst days!

I believe prayer can move mountains.

I will allow myself to fall flat on my face over and over again and let it mean nothing more than I am persistent.

I will always make time for my tribe.

I believe listening to the rain on a tin roof while drinking coffee is so relaxing.

I believe success means feeling passionate about what you do in life.

I believe I am nothing if not resilient.

I believe that being the mother of Hannah and Lindsey is the best job I can have. 

Now you know what I stand for and what I am passionate about. I want you to tell me just one thing you stand for in your life. It can be anything at all.

I hope this blog motivates you to live a life that energizes you to dream and reach your goals.  


"You don't need anybody's permission to live a creative life." Elizabeth Gilbert

Have you ever come across a person or situation in your life what you walked away a different person? A person so different your family and friends tell you "Wow, you've changed." It could be your closet friend from grade school, your cousin you spent every summer with as a kid, or the next door neighbor...each and every one of them will say this, repeatedly.

Maybe you finally started that yoga class you been talking about for months. Or that square dance class (I hear it's making a come back). Maybe you're spending more time in the coffee shop listening to poetry readings or gospel music and it's not sitting well with your friends, coworkers or family members especially your parents. Well guess what?

You don't need anybody's permission to take a poetry class.

You don't need anybody's permission to take a flying lesson.

You don't need anybody's permission to go back to school and get that degree.

You don't need anybody's permission to have interests that you never thought you would .

You don't need anyone's permission to have blue hair and a tattoo.    

The only person you need permission from is you. 

You be You and I will be me. How about that. Just be the best you can be today and everyday.

Give yourself permission to live, love, laugh today.



Bully Me No More

Did you know that 45% of Americans have experienced some kind of bullying in the workplace?

Did you know 40% of the workplace bullies are women? Women bullies pick on other women more than 70% of the time according to the nationwide poll by the Employment Law Alliance.

How do you know if it is bullying you are experiencing or just a misunderstanding, communication breakdown? 

Bullying is something that happens again and again - not when this person is having a bad day. Being a target of bullying can show up in other parts of your life: headaches, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping. Carrying stress home and taking it out on family members.

One thing I learned from my own bullying experience was this: staying focused on my own work and not getting caught up in the nonsense and jeopardize my position with the company.

A few tips I want you to be aware of if you find yourself in this position.

Don't blame yourself or second guess that maybe it's something you did to cause this behavior. Bullies take pleasure in manipulating their victims. Stay healthy and educate yourself, document everything, and build a support system.

As you work through these steps in a positive way, implement a good nights sleep and healthy diet, you will prevail. Turn a negative situation into a positive one by realizing this is a very good learning experience.

Thank you for reading my blogs.           

What's Up With Susan?

Praying about...I am praying and thanking God that Hurricane Matthew did not his Miami, Fl as hard as it was expected to. My son, Lindsey, and his partner, Michael just moved to Miami a few weeks prior to the hurricane. They live in a condo on the 10th floor of the building, so I was very concerned if he would have electricity, food, etc. You know, all the things that a mother can worry about I did, and then some. Lindsey seems to do this to me about every 2-3 years. He moved to Boston, MA, two weeks before a snowstorm buried the city with 18 inches of snow. He was snowed in his house for 2 days. Just when you think you have them grown and they're on their own, here comes a whole new set of worries.     

Reading...Unashamed, Drop the Baggage, Pick Up Your Freedom by Christine Caine. Need I say more? This book is so powerful! It is so true that shame holds us back, holds us down and holds us hostage from all our hopes and dreams. This book spoke to me in so many ways, but the most compelling area was releasing the guilt and shame of a failed marriage - the feeling of never being enough when I was younger. However, Christine's writings reinforced my belief that I can conquer and do anything I want with the Holy Spirit by my side. He is there to guide me if I only put my trust in him today and every day.


Working on...I am super thrilled about my coloring note cards! I collaborated with a local artist, Maria Schweizer, to put my ideas actually on paper. These cards represent how I am feeling these days in my life...FEARLESS, CREATIVE, LOVE, INSPIRE! Coloring as an adult has proven to be a wonderful way to become relaxed, relieve my stresses, and be mindful of my surroundings. And wouldn't you know it; I have some extras for sale! They are 7 cards for $16.00 or $2.50 each. They are wonderful gifts for a special person in your life, and remember, Christmas is right around the corner.         


Watching...This past Sunday morning, I watched Super Soul Sunday on the Oprah channel OWN. Her guest was a man by the name of Carl Lentz. He is the Lead Pastor at Hill Song Church in New York City. I have never heard of him before, but wow is he awesome. I connected with him on so many levels...he spoke such a real message about God being the real encourager, and how we usually get in trouble when our ego gets in our way. Ego + Edging God Out. I have realized things learned as a child and growing up really don't hold much water today in my relationship with God. My connection with God is soooo much stronger than it has ever been in my life. 

Thank you for dropping in to read my blog and hope you get what you need just for today. 


Love and Light


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Benefits of Your Very Own VISION BOARD

Don't die with your DREAMS still inside you.

Vision Boards have been utilized by many successful people for years because they are cheap, UBER fun to create and effective. Sound awe-inspiring?

What is a Vision Board you ask?

A Vision Board is a collage of images, pictures (can be personal pictures) and affirmations of your dreams, goals and all the things that make you happy. Vision Boards are a great way to make you feel positive about yourself, life, family and your future. A vision board acts as a constant reminder to ourselves that our wants in life is BIG IMPORTANT BUSINESS! One reason our boards need updated from time to time. The beginning of the year or birthdays are good time to make that happen ~ so that the new visual imagery sparks new paths and interest in our eyes/brain and that its new and interesting information that we need to remember.

If you haven't already ~ set some goals! Goals are needed to manifest and make into a reality! Set your intentions, make up your mind to THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE and your half way there.  

5 Benefits of having your own vision board

1. Creating one is a blast!

This is a chance to reconnect with your inner child. Think of it as the grown up version of picking your toys out for Christmas or your birthday. Instead of toys its dream homes, new careers, retirement retreats, etc. Make it a party and have friends gather with food and drinks for a social activity.

2. Provides incentive.

Locating the vision board somewhere it can be seen often, provides you with a reminder daily of your goals and what you are working towards often. It's a handy tool to have when you have a challenge or obstacle along the way. Pushing forward is easier when you have a visual reminder.

  3. A great tool to help you with Visualization

Visualization doesn't come easy to all of us. While we all can list off the things we don't want for our lives, getting specific about the things we do want can sometimes be a challenge. For those of us holding a mental picture of what we want for 5 minutes a day seems impossible! Vision Boards provide you with physical pictures that you can focus onto help you make your goals come true!  

4. Helps you think outside of your limitations

Getting creative for some people is very scary. Fear of what if, vulnerability can be too much for some people to handle. Especially if someone would happen to see these goals and dreams. Creating a vision board is an exercise in thinking beyond what you believe is possible for you right now.  This activity allows you to open yourself up to opportunities and dreams and watch them actually happen!

5. It Works!

Put it to the test for yourself. Seeing is believing. If you would like to experience these benefits of having your own vision board, join me and sign up for the upcoming events tab!!!       



You're Beautiful

I read this today and had to share, what great words to remember and recite daily.

In case you haven't heard this today!

You're beautiful

You're loved

You're needed

You're alive for a reason

You're stronger than you think

You're gonna get through this

I'm glad your still alive

Don't give up

I care


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Highlights of 2014

Wow, what a year this has been for me! I conquered some fears, left behind a relationship of 6 years, even created a few goals for myself that mean something to my spirit.

I started the year with studying for my certification in Life Coaching. How exciting that was for me. Every Tuesday night was devoted to class, listening and studying, something I haven't done for quite a few years!

In May, I traveled to the great Sunshine state for a vacation with 3 of my girlfriends. Lots of laughter, a few tears, but always great conversation every morning over coffee. We had some real heart  to heart discussion about family, faith, divorce and raising children. Wow we all learned so much about ourselves and each other. Everyone should take a vacation with their girlfriends just one time!

My fellow vacationers, Amy, Toni, myself and Carolyn

My fellow vacationers, Amy, Toni, myself and Carolyn

August was a month of super excitement for me becoming a Certified Life Coach. I was so pumped and proud of myself for sticking with it for 6 months and missed 1 class in process. Pure joy!

In September we welcomed a new addition to our already large family, Owen Ross. Nothing but pure sweetness, cuteness and that hair...just can't get enough of him. He is a great nephew to me and he is the son of my Godson Sean Ross.

Owen Ross.jpg

Holidays and birthdays were exciting and fun, as usual, with my family this year. It was a time to visit with members I don't ordinarily get the chance to sit and talk and catch up with. My daughter Hannah (my sunshine) has a late December birthday which gives us another reason to get together and celebrate.

Well, that is a wrap on 2014! Stay tuned and look out 2015!

I hope my writings excite you today and every day of your life.



Moving Past the Pain

 Moving Past the Pain

It has been said that going through a divorce is one of the most stressful transitions a person will go through in their lifetime… Crippled with stress, sleepless nights, financial concerns, and loneliness are just to name a few of the life transitions with a divorce. With one out of two marriages ending in divorce, the painful process can be one heck of a journey that is unforgettable. When do you get passed the pain you ask, only if I had a crystal and was a fortune teller could I answer that question? For some it takes months, others years, and for some people they never get over it.

I can only speak for myself and from my experience with divorce…it was stressful, I was ate up with concern for my kids that were a junior in high school and junior at an out of state college. All I could hope for was that at some point my kids understand and learn from this life changing event.

Now for something rather funny that happened while going through some stressful times. I was attending a committee meeting for my daughter’s junior prom, I came from work and looked down to see I had 2 different shoes on. Yikes! I was horrified knowing that I had worn 2 different shoes to work and who had noticed. This was a confirmation of not knowing if I was coming or going during this time. I didn’t have an appetite, stricken with fear of everything, but knew I would get through it because of the support system I had in place. My family was my backbone, my cheering squad every time I wanted to start my stinking thinking and have a pity party which was a party of one… 

That was 9 years ago and I am such a different person because of that life transition. I found my strength, my independence, and my inner love for a person I have lived with all my life… ME. What a breath of fresh air to really know and love the person you are looking back at in the mirror.

 Who do you want to be after your life’s transition?

Are you ready for some changes to happen?

Tell me about the changes you have encountered