Moving Past the Pain

 Moving Past the Pain

It has been said that going through a divorce is one of the most stressful transitions a person will go through in their lifetime… Crippled with stress, sleepless nights, financial concerns, and loneliness are just to name a few of the life transitions with a divorce. With one out of two marriages ending in divorce, the painful process can be one heck of a journey that is unforgettable. When do you get passed the pain you ask, only if I had a crystal and was a fortune teller could I answer that question? For some it takes months, others years, and for some people they never get over it.

I can only speak for myself and from my experience with divorce…it was stressful, I was ate up with concern for my kids that were a junior in high school and junior at an out of state college. All I could hope for was that at some point my kids understand and learn from this life changing event.

Now for something rather funny that happened while going through some stressful times. I was attending a committee meeting for my daughter’s junior prom, I came from work and looked down to see I had 2 different shoes on. Yikes! I was horrified knowing that I had worn 2 different shoes to work and who had noticed. This was a confirmation of not knowing if I was coming or going during this time. I didn’t have an appetite, stricken with fear of everything, but knew I would get through it because of the support system I had in place. My family was my backbone, my cheering squad every time I wanted to start my stinking thinking and have a pity party which was a party of one… 

That was 9 years ago and I am such a different person because of that life transition. I found my strength, my independence, and my inner love for a person I have lived with all my life… ME. What a breath of fresh air to really know and love the person you are looking back at in the mirror.

 Who do you want to be after your life’s transition?

Are you ready for some changes to happen?

Tell me about the changes you have encountered