Bully Me No More

Did you know that 45% of Americans have experienced some kind of bullying in the workplace?

Did you know 40% of the workplace bullies are women? Women bullies pick on other women more than 70% of the time according to the nationwide poll by the Employment Law Alliance. 


How do you know if it is bullying you are experiencing or just a misunderstanding, communication breakdown? 

Bullying is something that happens again and again - not when this person is having a bad day. Being a target of bullying can show up in other parts of your life: headaches, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping. Carrying stress home and taking it out on family members.

One thing I learned from my own bullying experience was this: staying focused on my own work and not getting caught up in the nonsense and jeopardize my position with the company.

A few tips I want you to be aware of if you find yourself in this position.

Don't blame yourself or second guess that maybe it's something you did to cause this behavior. Bullies take pleasure in manipulating their victims. Stay healthy and educate yourself, document everything, and build a support system.

As you work through these steps in a positive way, implement a good nights sleep and healthy diet, you will prevail. Turn a negative situation into a positive one by realizing this is a very good learning experience.

Thank you for reading my blogs.