Single Coaching Session

Life not going the way you planned? Time for changes in your life?  Empty nest? Coping with a divorce? Wanting to change careers? Lets peel away the layers and breathe some passion and positivity into your life. 

In this session, we will do some investigating in what is holding you back. Unleash your inner spirit so you face your most challenging moments in your life, career, and retirement.

1 hour session + 30 minute follow-up. Email and text support. Together we will map out a vision board to see what gets you excited and motivated in making the changes you need in your life.    

Monthly Packages:

Ready for a change in your life or career? Let’s map out your future with a vision board and explore all the possibilities you have in your life. Let’s get excited about what the future holds for you. An open mind and heart can bring you many options in the universe.  

Discover Your Vision

  • Renew yourself in retirement

  • Rise up from grieving a divorce

  • Get a handle on empty nesting

Together we can achieve anything and cross the finish line with a winning future.

Design Your Vision

Two 1-hour sessions + 30 minute follow up to help you achieve your goals of setting you free and laying the ground work for an outstanding life. Email and text support during this session. 

Build Your Vision

Four 1-hour sessions + 30 minute follow up, during this time we will dig deep and bring to light what you want, why you want it, and how to get it. Reveal the passion, and the excitement that once was there but has been shoved to the side while you have taken care of everyone else. Now is your time to shine and be your top priority. Email and text support during this session


  • I am not a licensed therapist

  • No refunds

  • Payment in full before sessions start

  • Cancellation is 24 hours in advance - if no call - counts against your total sessions.